Authentically, Unapologetically Me…

Hey there beautful! I can’t believe I’m a blogger now! A real blogger! I consider myself to be more on the introverted side so I’m feeling kinda naked here. But I’m learning it’s important to take risks and get out of your comfort zone.

I’m a mom of 3, I help take care of my aging parents, I’m from Indiana, and my nerves are actually shot…then there’s the anxiety. It’s ok, I’m definitely ok 😅. At this stage in my life I find it special being able to connect with other moms to share ideas and experiences.

So welcome to The Good Life Blogg. Yes, I intentionally included that extra (g) and I like it. I hope my quirky, cool, crazy personality shines through on my posts as I share my thoughts, experiences, and essentially my life with you.

xoxo Kesha